Social networking gets older as teens ditch Facebook to turn to Twitter

Ahh, all that social networking, it's for the kids right? Apparently not according to the most recent survey of the people using the popular websites.

Conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project in the States, the survey found that Facebook is definitely getting older, hopping from a median age of 26 in May 2008, to 33 now.

Considering Facebook was made for college students, its certainly an interesting move upwards, but could be attributed to nosey parents signing up to keep an eye on their wayward teens.

Even more interesting is that despite a number of reports saying that the young'uns out there have no interest in Twitter, it is currently the second youngest social network out there – even though the median age is still 31.

Having said that, a closer look at the figures shows a younger take up this year, hopping from 19% of those aged 18-24 using the service to 37% since December 2008, and 31% of 25-34 year olds compared to 20% last year.

Out of all of the social networks, MySpace came out with the youngest average age at 26, but really – apart from musicians, does anyone use MySpace anymore?

What is your social network of choice? And do these figures shock you? Let us know below.

Via: Read Write Web