Social Media Access Keyboard feeds your Facebook addiction

When it's too much bother pointing your mouse at various bits of the screen, maybe you can call on the Social Keyboards SMAK solution

If you’ve completely surrendered your soul to the privacy-smashing behemoth that is Facebook, the Social Media Access Keyboard (SMAK, for short) might be right up your alley. Nearly 20 Facebook hotkeys are able to transport you to every portal of social nirvana imaginable, ranging from photos, messages, events and many more, each a mere button press away.


The usual numbers, letters and punctuation marks (remember those?) are also present for important things like essays and reports, but in all honesty we think if you’re dedicated enough for this particular level of social networking efficiency, then those reports would have died a long time ago.


It seems that there is nothing that Facebook can’t be integrated in to, so expect to see similar features in toasters, hoovers and spatulas in the near apocalyptic future. Meanwhile this is yours from Social Keyboards for US$30.


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