Snow Leopard bug deleting user data, Apple investigating

Apple’s Snow Leopard OS has had its fair share of reported problems since launch, and Apple has now confirmed it’s investigating a bug tha

Some users have reported that logging into the Guest account within Snow Leopard, even if by accident, has caused all the data from their primary account to be deleted.

This has only been noted when the machine hangs after logging into the Guest account, but we still don’t like those odds.

Apple has addressed the issue saying it only occurs in “extremely rare cases” and that it is working on a fix.

Nice to know it’s in the hands of those in the know, but in the meantime, it might be wise to disable the Guest accounts to prevent any accidental clicks.

Let us know below if you’ve been a victim of this bug, and head over to the forums to discuss your Snow Leopard highs and lows with other users.

Via: Engadget