Snoop Dogg designs headphone line

Never one to be a step behind his old mate Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg has palled up with action sports brand Skullcandy to create his own line of signature he

In honour of the big Snoop Dizzle, Skullcandy has reworked its popular Skullcrusher headphones to come up with the Snoop Crusher - complete with a bandana design in either black or blue. There's no red on this side of town, homies.

The headphones will boast two basstastic 30mm neodynium magnetic speakers and two mini-subwoofers as well, ensuring you'll hear nothing but the tunes you want to, and none of the pesky woman sat next to you on the bus.

The Snoop Crusher headphones will set you back £64.99 and will be available in June. While you wait, don't forget to check out our review of Dr. Dre's Monster Beat headhones - let's hope Snoop comes up with something just as impressive.