SmartControl Motion KO's your gadgets with a flip

Meet the universal remote control that wants to play with the Wiimotes

The SmartControl Motion remote might look as boring as that Cheryl Cole documentary you're trying to fast forward through but keep your guard up – it can take down up to six of your power-sucking, home ents gadgets in one fell swoop. Just flip the remote over onto its belly and you'll turn all your devices off – or stick to your old world ways and hold the power button for three seconds.

With play, pause, mute, rewind, skip and channel up/down motions to get to grips with too, it's compatible with Sky+ and Freeview+ on your TV, Blu-ray players, iPod docks, Xbox 360 and (oddly enough) the PS2. Released into the wilderness of gadget-filled living rooms on November 7, you can pick up a SmartControl Motion for £35 from Amazon.

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