Slim PS3 this autumn?

Back at the end of last year, the leaky sieve that is Sony spilled word that we’d be seeing a slimmed down edition of the PS3 in 2008.And now, t

And now, that tittle-tattle is gathering pace. See, analysts reckon Sony’s going to break even on their gaming rig in August. Quit shrugging at the back. This is all comes down to the Big S sticking smaller processors and graphics chips inside.

These just so happen to be cheaper, and, being tiny and gobbling up less power, also allow for the possibility of a smaller hub coming our way.

It’s still speculation for now, but industry bigwigs have already pointed out that a sharp new version of the console, outed two years after the original Stateside release, could see Sony finally start to rain down PS3–shaped punches on the Xbox 360.

We’re chasing this one up, so expect to hear plenty more in the coming months about an all–new PS3. In the meantime, take a look at what we made of last year's knock–down 40GB edition.