The slidey seven

Those Scandinavians are insatiable. Nokia's just unleashed 7 new mobiles onto the market and, we might add, they look thoroughly lovely. More controversially, they mark Nokia's return to the slide phone format. Did someone say Samsung?

Seven new phones, eh? That's one for each day of the week, rich readers. However, that'll mean vastly different functionality each day. Something to bear in mind.

Kicking the range off is the dual-band GSM 6060 (far left), a pretty basic camera-free foldy model with 128x160 colour screen and pulsating status light. We think you'll agree, a lovely start.

Next up is the equally delectable 6111 (mid left), a megapixel cam-toting slider somewhat reminiscent of Samsung's D500. Odd that Nokia's eschewed the slide format for so long – they can be ever so nice. The screen's a 128x160 pixel 262k colour job, and the whole package is finished off with Push-To-Talk functionality.

Here's where it starts getting really exciting. The 6270 (mid right) is another slider with a 2MP cam and a razor-sharp 262k colour QVGA screen. Even better, it sports miniSD memory expansion, visual radio, stereo speakers and an MP3/AAC/M4A player. It's even quad-band, so you can use it anywhere.

Think it can't get any better? Think again - the 6280 (far right) is very similar to the 6270 (although there's no mention of stereo speakers), but squeezes in 3G functionality and a extra VGA camera for video calling.

The other three, we're sad to say, are CDMA models that aren't especially relevant to us GSM disciples. You're probably not too interested anyway, because ours are better. However, if you're feeling particularly inquisitive, here's some model numbers for you: 6265, 2255, 2125. Check them out here.