Slacklines: making balancing cool

Gibbons Slacklines can make you look like a dude, or a douche. But they’re worth the gamble

Slacklining involves bouncing along a bit of chord a few inches wide. Sound stupid? It even has its own world cup... After watching a demo video (below), we realised this could be very cool indeed.

If you’re a bit more suicidal than the average trampoline user, this is for you. Originally used by climbers in the '70s to practice in car parks, it has developed as a core strengthening exercise that improves balance. It’s also good for a bit of a laugh.

Simply tie the slackline around two points – trees, poles, unsuspecting victims – then winch the line tight. Simple. Gibbons has three types: Jibline for tricks, Flowline for long distance, and the Funline for beginners. They can be bought on Amazon and prices start at £44.

Not convinced? Watch this:


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