Skype Wi-Fi app rolls out global pay by minute plan

So long data roaming charges, wish we could say it was nice knowing you

Goodbye daily Wi-Fi passes and pointless monthly subscriptions. You can go in the bin along with international data roaming charges now that Skype has introduced 'pay per minute' Wi-Fi access.

Similar to Skype Access – the desktop version – the new iPhone and iPad app, Skype Wi-Fi (£Free), connects to the internet in one million Boingo hotspots worldwide. Add some credit to your Skype account and away you go, for around 11p a minute in most countries and in some as low as 3p a minute.

We can see this being very handy: when you've lost any semblance of 3G reception here in the UK or when you want to spend 37 minutes checking Facebook on your hols but don't fancy paying for an hour. There's a free 60 minute trial of the app this weekend so let us know if it's the answer to your jetsetting prayers.

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