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Skype for iPad plays nice with Apple’s Retina Display

Skype may have received a Retina Display update, but the iPad 3's front-facing camera keeps video at VGA quality

Skype has rolled out a Retina Display-friendly update that supports the gorgeously hi-res graphics of Apple’s new iPad 3.

The free 3.8 update includes optimised graphics for the new iPad’s Retina Display – though it’s worth noting Skype on the new iPad 3 is still limite. Icons and menus will be pixel perfect without a shred of pixellation in sight, but the front-facing camera, which has remained unchanged since the iPad 2 means video quality maxes out at VGA quality, as opposed to 720p. In fact, the video quality supported still hasn’t managed to reach the quality offered by some laptops such as the MacBook Pro.

So while we haven’t got pin-sharp Skype calls on the iPad 3 just yet, this update demonstrates the team’s dedication to keeping up with the times. In the mean time, you can still get free voice and video calls and send instant messages during video calling – just expect it look a tad on the grainy side.

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