Sky Songs music streaming service gets priced and dated

We already knew it was in the works, and now Sky's Spotify-challenging music service has been priced and dated for release.Hot off the back of the new

Hot off the back of the news that Napster has dropped its subscription fee, Sky Songs is also set to undercut Spotify with a choice of £6.49 or £7.99 per month price plans.

For £6.49 a month you'll get unlimited streaming of more than 4 million tracks, as well as a whole album worth £6.49 or 10 individual tracks to download and keep.

The more expensive £7.99 monthly fee will get you a choice of a more expensive album or 15 songs, alongside the unlimited streaming.

Individual tracks will start from 65p, and if you're a Sky customer already, you'll get a free album when you sign up.

Whether the downloaded tracks will sway music lovers away from the mobile apps the likes of Spotify has to offer remains to be seen – but with Sky Songs launching on 19 October, there's not much longer to wait to find out.

Have a peek at the website, and let us know below if you reckon it can match up to our top 10 streaming services.

Via: Electricpig