Sky shows off 3D TV plans

Say 3D, and you'll doubtless conjure up images of hundreds of people sitting gawping at a massive screen wearing those classic red and green specs. An

Which is why today's announcement by Sky that it's not only been testing a 3D service, but also served it up via a Sky+ HD box is so huge. It actually makes the idea of watching 3D TV on your own sofa a reality. And not a distant one either.

The clever bods in Sky's R&D labs managed to beam pictures of Ricky Hatton's recent dust–up with Juan Lazcano, as well as Liverpool's Champions League game with Marseille, using the hard drive of a Sky+ HD box and a Hyundai 3D telly.

The boxes already have the processing power to deal with and serve up 3D, so all Sky needs to do is film whatever it fancies in 3D first. Sky's Gerry O'Sullivan says that the pay TV types are "3D ready."

In theory, this means we could soon have a Sky 3D service – all you'd need to do is fork out an admittedly pricey 3D TV and kick back. For more, make sure you check out our hands–on blog and video right now! And don't forget to keep up with all the 3D action at CES in our dedicated blog.