Sky promises 3D Premier League football for ‘mid 2010’

It's already promised us 3D broadcasts from 2010 and now Sky’s just scored a major victory by announcing that football will be getting the 3D tr

Right now all it's saying is 'mid 2010' – but that's close enough for us to start rearranging the living room in anticipation of Rooney's boots flying out the screen.

The 3D trickery will be achieved with two HD cameras that'll tackle the wide shots of the game. Close-ups will be handled by lowly 2D cams, lest a stray slide-tackle make you spill your Carlsberg, but the picture will be 'dropped back' in the 3D field to maintain some illusion of depth.

If you're a Sky HD customer then you've already got half the kit you need because the box and dish won't change. Sadly, your 1080p plasma will have to be subbed for the bedroom telly and a new 3D compatible TV wheeled-in in its place, because the screen requires a whole new level of tech.

Oh, and you'll need some of those natty polarised specs as well - and possibly a sick bag. The price you pay for being an early adopter.