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Sky Player coming to Xbox 360 in “mid-October”

We heard earlier this year that Sky would be coming to Xbox 360, and now an article in this month's issue of Sky Magazine has confirmed the date for m

Adding a bit more clarity to the “autumn” timing we’d previously been given, the article states the service will be available in “mid-October”.

The article also breaks the news that you’ll need to be an Xbox Live Gold member to access the Sky Player, and that you’ll need to be a Sky subscriber to access “premium content”, such as Sky Sports and Movies.

The service will apparently include similar aspects to the PC version, such as Live TV and movies downloadable directly to your Xbox.

The article is pointing customers to a dedicated webpage for more information, but it’s currently blank. Keep your eye on it if you want to get more deets.

Aside from the Sky Player, we’d hope its introduction in October will also be when we’ll finally see Facebook and Twitter on Xbox 360 as well.

Let us know if you think you’ll get use from the Sky Player on your Xbox 360, and be sure to check out our top 10 gaming consoles and accessories.

Via: Electricpig