Sky halves cost of HD box

Getting HD in the UK is a costly business, even if you do opt for the burgeoning talents of Freesat. The fact is though if you want your weekly Premie

Well, not in October it doesn't. Sky's just dropped the price of its HD box to £75 for the whole of next month, thanks to the release of seven new hi–def channels.  Six movies channels will get the HD treatment as well as Sky Real Lives.

But the real story here is the price – the £75 cost is awesome, even if the rather nasty £30 set up charge for new customers, and £60 for existing punters is a bit of a kick in the teeth.

Mind you, that gets you access to 26 HD channels, far more than you currently get for free. Hopefully Sky HD will drop the price even further soon – how about making it free?


Sky HD

Price: £75 for box in October

On sale: October

Contact: Sky