Sky+ 1 terabyte HD TV home sharing system planned

Sky is working on a new Sky+ HD box that'll share TV with our players in your house and have a serious large hard drive to boot. The folks at Automate

The folks at Automated Home have heard from a well placed source that Sky is surveying people about the new service.

The new Sky+ HD box is allegedly 4 to 5 times the capacity of the current model. That would mean it would weigh in at about 1TB of disk space.

The device will apparently work in tandem with your broadband connection and be seriously focused on video on demand content.

The most interesting titbit about the new Sky+ HD box is that it will use IP to distribute video around your home.

People contacted to take part in the survey were told that the new Sky+ system will work either by cabling through your home or via WiFi.

There's also a suggestion that the current Sky multi-room subscription price will go up from £10 to £45.

Does the idea of slinging your Sky+ around your house appeal to you? And how to do you move TV and films around your home at the moment.

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