Skora Form brings leather to barefoot running shoes

And through a feat (ahem) of engineering this leather won’t give you blisters

Skora has joined the barefoot running race with the Form, a lightweight trainer that combines the strength of leather with spongy comfort. It’s got all the pros of a barefoot trainer – so you can run naturally without the (apparently) negative effects of a thick sole – but none of the negatives, like leaving your feet cold but sweaty because you're not wearing socks.

The heel-free, super-light, anatomically correct runner has a top layer of leather which won’t cause blisters or sweating in spite of sockless running, thanks to a special tanning technique. Pittards Textiles has applied a WRX100 treatment to the Forms, which means permanent water resistant leather that’ll even allow sweat to breathe out.

Check out our 5 of the best barefoot running shoes piece and then you can decide whether you’d rather wait for the February release of the Skora Forms – the Rolls Royce of barefoot runners. Ladies will have to wait a bit later though, as the women's version of the Skora Form is set to arrive later in the year. Then you can order them for the princely sum of US$195 from the US.

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