Siri set to power Apple TV

Apple's virtual assistant to field your viewing requests – in 2013

Apple's long-awaited flatscreen TV – which is reportedly at the prototype stage already – will be powered by the iPhone 4S's virtual assistant, Siri. Good news if you're sick of remotes cluttering up your living room.

The New York Times reports that Steve Jobs pondered several different options for Apple TV remotes, including a wireless keyboard and the iPhone. But his "I finally cracked it" moment was the realisation that Siri could be ported from the iPhone 4S to Apple's TV.

If it's true, you could be telling Siri to "play a cowboy movie" or "record next week's Doctor Who" in the not-too-distant future.

Don't expect an Apple TV packing Siri too soon, though. Apple's been working on prototype TV sets since September, according to sources in the component manufacturing chain. But the NYT reports that Apple's waiting for the cost of large displays to fall before venturing into the TV arena. We can expect the Apple TV to be announced in late 2012, with the product hitting store shelves in 2013.

Siri, can you hurry up, please?

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