Siri on iPhone 4S feeds a quarter of all Wolfram Alpha searches

The “science bit” answer engine gets a traffic boost from Apple’s talkative tool, with hits set to rise as Siri grows

If you’re anything like us, you’ve had Wolfram Alpha – the uber geek’s search engine – bookmarked since launch, but rarely had cause to use it. You’ve also noticed that your Siri searches (see our demo) on iPhone 4S are often rooted via the computational reference engine.

Now a New York Times report claims Siri is responsible for a quarter of all Wolfram Alpha searches – all coming from Apple’s four-month-old iPhone 4S. And we’d expect that figure to rise as people upgrade to newer iPhones – such as the 4S and forthcoming iPhone 5 – and as Siri comes to unreleased products like the iPad 3 and iTV.

Wolfram Alpha’s not taking a back seat, either, with the launch today of Wolfram Alpha Pro, a reengineered engine that can compute using data or images. Google-slaying features are being saved for a future version, but Wolfram Alpha, riding on its Siri steed, is in the ascendant.

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