Siri to become a universal voice control for your gadgets

Could this Apple patent point to a very non-Apple future where cameras and TVs respond to your voice via Siri?

Such is Apple’s prolificacy, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the US Patent Office had a section solely for dealing with its output of wacky innovations. The latest tune whistling out of Cupertino’s ideas factory is a cloud-based voice instruction system that operates other devices connected to a network.

That means Siri could one day operate non-Apple gadgets – the illustration suggests cameras and PMPs as examples – and we can’t help feeling Siri could perhaps come into its own as a universal voice control.

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If the patent ever sees the light of day (and there’s no guarantee it will), we could be scheduling our PVRs from the car or instructing our cameras to take pictures with nothing more than a clear spoken request. It might even ask us to say “cheese” first.

Of course, it also edges Siri one step closer to running our lives. And that means Apple’s voice assistant will almost certainly turn evil in future and start series recording My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding to spite us. We can’t wait.

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