Single website for all UK radio stations planned for 2010

The Beeb's idea for an Open iPlayer may have been brought to a halt by the BBC Trust, but there is now news that we could see a single website offerin

Big bosses from the BBC and commercial stations are apparently in talks to pull together a prototype of the system before Christmas, which would see over 500 different networks accessible to the public by the first half of next year.

Once again showing its strength against the competition, it is expected the site will be based on the popular Radioplayer service from the BBC which currently offers all 10 of the BBC's UK-wide stations, the World Service and the 46 regional stations as well.

It's thought the move is being made to prevent radio being left behind in the digital age, and guard against the popularity of music services such as Spotify.

Tim Davie, director of audio and music at the BBC, told the Independent: "I would argue that currently we are somewhat underpowered in terms of a radio offer online, and that's where radio faces a real threat as people can go to other services and get their music globally".

However, in order to go live the single radio website will need to get the approval of the BBC Trust, which – as mentioned – put a halt to the opening up of iPlayer to other channels.

Andrew Harrison, chief executive of the RadioCentre, which represents the commercial sector of the industry, is confident it will get passed thanks to it being a genuinely industry-wide service.

He said: "I think it’s going to be quite a breakthrough project. The (commercial) sector wants it to happen and we are working in a cross-industry team. I’d hope we would have something ready to test shortly, before Christmas".

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Via: The Independent