Sing Something is the new Draw Something

Bored of doodling on your phone and ready for the next arty challenge? It’s time to clear your throat for song

Sing Something is the next obvious step after Draw Something. Sure, this version will mean privacy is a must – unless your fellow commuters are feeling very forgiving. With the popularity of X Factor and The Voice at the moment, a competitive karaoke app could be a winner.

In terms of layout, Sing Something is basically the same as Draw Something (but without some of the problems we found). Sign in using email or Facebook, pick a pal or random to play against, chose a song, and record – simples. Then your opponent must name – using a hangman style layout – the track you're trying to sing. Victory wins you coins that unlock new song categories like 90s or Oldies.

So if you reckon you're the next Freddie Mercury, install Sing Something for free on iOS now and try your luck.

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