Simplified YouTube Feather launches in beta

Following in the footsteps of Facebook Lite which launched a few months back, YouTube has launched a simplified version of its video sharing website,

Now available as an opt-in beta, Feather attempts to make the video-viewing process quicker and simpler, with less features and options cluttering up the page.

For example, you will be defaulted to the standard quality version of the video over HQ or HD, and have features like video replies, search bar auto-suggest, and video embed options removed.

Loaded comments have also been cut to just 10, with no option to vote for them or reply, and related videos have been limited to 5 instead of the usual 21.

Just a warning though – it appears that not all videos are working on Feather as yet, but as it's a beta, bugs are only to be expected. Fingers crossed stability improves soon.

To give it a go (you can always opt out again later), head over to the Feather beta opt in page, and be sure to give us your thoughts below.