Show your platform allegiance with a Cubify custom-printed 3D Android Appdroid

How do you really feel about Android? Strong enough to create your own mascot based on Google’s operating system logo? Now you can

You’ve split up with Apple over its shoddy maps and new iPhone's scratchable body and run into the waiting arms of Android, but how do you let everyone know? You could take to Facebook and Twitter, but there’s a better way – and it’ll cheer up your Monday morning too.

The 3D printing experts at Cubify have put together Bugadroids, a web-based Android mascot designer that lets you style and badge your own version of Google’s cheery OS character.

Prices start at US$30 for a 2.5in Cubify Appdroid. Don't forget to send us your pictures.

[via Engadget]

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