Should you buy an iPad 2?

Prices and details to help you avoid buyer’s remorse this Friday

Should I buy an iPad 2?

If you’re thinking of buying a tablet for the first time, it should definitely be on your shortlist, but don’t discount the other options on the market. Samsung releases its third Android tablet – the Galaxy Tab 8.9 – today. Motorola’s Xoom is also a credible option (read our review). If you must buy a tablet this week, you’re faced with a choice between the original 7in Galaxy Tab and the original iPad.

What’s wrong with the original iPad?

Nothing. In fact, upon announcing its successor Apple slashed the starting price to £330 – £100 off the former asking price. And that, in tablet terms, is the best deal you’ll get right now. But with the iPad 2 costing only £70 more (it starts at £400), you might regret having scrimped if you go for the first edition over the updated spec.

Which model should I get?

That depends what you plan to do with it. If you live life on the road and want to take lots of videos and music with you, go for a Wi-Fi + 3G version with a 64GB SSD. If you’re planning to use it only at home or in the office and rely on networked or cloud storage for your stash, there’s little reason not to settle for the 16GB Wi-Fi model.

How much should I spend?

As much as you need to. Or, more likely, as much as you can afford. The prices are here. Choose wisely…

iPad 2 Wi-Fi

16GB        £399

32GB        £479

64GB        £559

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G

16GB        £499

32GB        £579

64GB        £659

Remember to budget extra for accessories if you plan to get them. The Smart Cover is £35 (but you can spend £65 if you want a plush leather job). Then there are docks and HDMI adapters to consider. And, of course, apps. Expect to spend at least £50 on top of the cost of the tablet.

Shouldn’t I wait for the iPad 3?

If you’re not in a rush, you could. We’ve heard rumours that the third-gen Apple tablet will arrive later this year and that it’ll be a bigger spec leap than the iPad to iPad 2 transition. Then again, Apple rumourists are an excitable bunch and our intuition tells us we’ll be waiting until spring 2012 at the earliest for a new iPad. That’s why we’re off to join the queue for an iPad 2. See you there?


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