Short Circuit remake to star CGI Johnny 5

Johnny 5 and his laser shoulder cannon are staging a comeback, but will he be ruined by CGI?

Short Circuit is being remade. And we're excited that one of the greatest robot films ever is staging a 21st century comeback. Johnny 5 and his laser cannon will be welcomed back, even if he chooses to upgrade his caterpillar tracks for a set of hover pads.

The robot reboot is being captained by Tim Hill, director of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Not perhaps the dream CV we'd want from someone trying to bring a childhood hero to the big screen for a new generation of tech-obsessed movie addicts, but Hill is renowned for his CGI work and we're curious to see if he can render J5 into a lovable, WALL-E-esque 'bot. Well, it's that or some high-pitched, irritating chipmunk...


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