Shazam on Windows Phone uses tiles perfectly

We know Windows Phone Mango had potential – and with the latest version of Shazam, it’s shining through

Shazam has been updated to v2.2 with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango support – which proves tiles are a must have for all operating systems. Sure, we all liked tiles before – with that quick-glance accessibility – but didn’t realise just how good it could be until seeing the latest version of Shazam, which lets you tag songs from the desktop with one touch.

The new Shazam app now takes advantage of Mango’s fast app switching as well its live tile functionality, letting you tag songs without fully opening the app screen. Instantly cutting to the use of an app with a single touch – without needing to change your homescreen – is what all OS systems should be working towards. It shows the power and potential of live tiles and should make Android and iOS sit up and take note.

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