Shazam updates iPhone app for unlimited tagging

Shazam reintroduces unlimited tagging – so go nuts, music discoverers

Shazam has just announced a major update for its free iOS music tagging app, which sees the 5 tags a month restriction scrapped in favour of unlimited tagging. On top of unlimited tagging, users can look forward to sharing newly discovered tracks via the social network favourites – Twitter and Facebook – which includes a link to YouTube to have a gander at related content.

In addition to identifying music, Shazam has moved into TV show and advert tagging territory, too. While this feature is currently only up and running in the US – Shazam has been working with various US TV networks to make this more of a prominent feature – it's likely we'll see this feature at a later date here in the UK.

Shazam Encore users shouldn't feel to too hard done by – free Shazam users may be about to encroach on your unlimited tagging turf, but they'll still be hit with in-app adverts and won't get the Lyric Play functionality for viewing lyrics as you listen to your tracks.

If you need an incentive to use it, Shazam is running a Goldentag sweepstake in the UK, US and Canada, offering up the chance to win £15,000 for simply using the app to tag songs.


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