Share music up a mountain with the Dela headphone and snow glove

But don't blame it on the boogie when you're too busy DJing to stay on your snowboard

This headphone and snow glove concept from graduate Thomas Grant could not only make you want to get down low on the slopes but also save your life mid-ski session.

The set-up combines an impact resistant single headphone sporting a radio transmitter/receiver and Bluetooth skills with a waterproof Gore-Tex glove – you can use the glove as a microphone to talk to your fellow snow lovers without having to remember to lug emergency radios up the mountain with you.

To control the headphone with the Dela glove, you need to press your thumb to the corresponding finger (with music controls on your remaning digits) so you won't accidentally start up a chat when you grab your ski pole.

Grant, who was showing off his ideas at New Designers 2012, reckons skiing students could wear a headphone each with the teacher barking instructions via their gloves without having to stop and start the session. And more experienced skiiers or boarders could share their tunes over radio with their goggled-up mates, once they've set up their smartphone to begin streaming to their own Dela set via Bluetooth.

We just hope Grant makes this a reality so we can pair these wearable gadgets with a Recon Micro-Optics Display in our goggles for one extremely techy snowcation.

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