Shades with spades of tech

We could tell you these rad wraps have more tech than the space shuttle but we'd be fibbing. They are, however, pretty damn cool - literally. Read on to find out how.

We like a pair of trendy specs as much as the next man, but when they pack in this much jargon-tastic tech as these North Face ones... well, let's just say we've ordered a pair already.

The brilliantly complicated-sounding innovations in the Thin Airs include such corkers as a Synchro 3D Nose Piece, Air Flap System and Integra Temples. Which, to translate, means: a pivoting nose piece, little holes in the frame to let air in (the cool bit) and a headband that pulls out of the arms and snaps together bra-style round the back of your bonce. You can get a pair for £150 with 3 interchangeable lens in a month's time. The stockist number's 01635 277299. Or you can be all 21stC and visit North Face's website.