Series link coming to BBC iPlayer

It seems like there is no stopping BBC iPlayer in its quest for digital domination, with iPlayer boss Anthony Rose confirming more user-pleasing featu

In an interview with Crave, Rose said that the on-demand service was set to get a Sky+ like series link so you'll be able to schedule in your favourite shows for download automatically when they become available.

"Although at the moment the iPlayer Desktop is just a download system, in due course it's going to grow to become more part of the Web site," said Rose.

"You'll be able to optionally log in to get enhanced iPlayer services: pre-booking, the equivalent of series link, and you'll be able to see which programmes you're subscribed to for automatic download."

This is a great move for the Beeb, once again moving itself further away from the competition snapping at its heels.

Will we see a similar move from the likes of 4oD and ITV Player in the near future? And more importantly, will you use it? Let us know your thoughts on iPlayer's plans below.