Sennheiser launches X320 headset for Xbox Live enthusiasts

Get your game on with Sennheiser's new gaming headset

Serious gamers, pay attention – Sennhesier has launched its X320 gaming headset for hardcore gaming enthusiasts.

Whether you're into cross-game chat or want in-game audio blasted into your lugholes for a more immersive experience, the Xbox-centric X320s are on hand to enhance your gaming experience.

Combining high-quality audio with a noise cancelling mic and XL designed ear cups for extra comfort, Sennhesier's headset is designed to replace the need for a hi-fi or fancy high-end equipment and deliver professional-quality audio for your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 marathons.

Its dual game/chat volume control lets gamers independently adjust the game’s audio, or the voice of fellow gamers, while the dedicated mic swivels down and can be muted by simply swivelling it back up to its locked position when not in use. Which will no doubt prove handy for gamers who don't want their friends to eavesdrop while they gush their undying love to their significant other.

So get rid of the mediocre headset that came in the box with your Xbox 360 – and bag yourself a good looking pair of these in exchange for £100, instead.

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