Sennheiser launches MX1 Wireless buds

If the credit crunch means nothing to you, or just blithely trooping on while the country teeters on the brink, then Sennheiser’s got just the t

Their new MX1 Wireless headphones will cost you £300, but will blast CD quality sound into your lugholes without cables causing you any fuss.

The sound is fired over using a tiny transmitter and can be attached to any iPod or iPhone, whether it’s 3G flavoured or not. They’re of the in–ear variety, so you won’t look like a berk walking around with a pair of cans and no wires. Instead, you’ll look like Nathan Barley.

As well as playing friendly with Apple’s jukeboxes, it’ll also work with any phone or MP3 player you happen to have lurking around the house.

The ‘phones use ‘Kleer’ technology, which Sennheiser says is ten times clearer than Bluetooth and offers lossless Hi–Fi bandwidth transmission. What they’re trying to say is they’re damn good.

They’re out at the end of the month. So grab them then before the crunch really starts to bite and you end up sans job and home.


Sennheiser MX1 Wireless headphones

Price: £300

On sale: August

Contact: Sennheiser