Secret santa goes global with Firebox

If the recent spate of mammoth sized burgers are anything to go by, it's all about doing things on a large scale. Firebox are clearly working on the s

Every year hoards of people are selected at random to anonymously give presents to one another in the spirit of Christmas. In this instance, the receiver of your gift could be a cross dresser living in Manchester or a snake wrangler from Australia - who knows? Certainly not you.

So doing it on a global scale means you don't have to feel guilty about that bit of tat you bought Sheila from the office - you won't even know who received your gift - and you'll be helping Firebox set a new world record.

You choose from a selection of 18 gifts that range from a set of Classic Airfix Toy Solders to a packet of chocolate-covered ants. Next, just add a personalised message and have it sent to another random secret santa participant for just £9 of your hard earned cash. Following that, all you need to do is wait for yours to turn up.

Want in? Then head on over to Firebox to get a piece of the global gift giving action. It's a nice way to say Happy Christmas to a stranger.

What do you think - does the prospect of setting a new world record excite you? Are you an annual secret Santa partaker? Whatever your allegience, be sure to tell us in the comments section below.

And make sure you keep an eye out for our stocking filler vidcasts over the next couple of weeks.