Secret BBC iPlayer details revealed

In today’s crowded world of TV, helping everyone in Britain realise how lucky they are paying for a TV license is getting harder and harder. Tha

A member of the BBC’s online top brass, Eric Huggers, spilt beans when he told eager ears that iPlayer will find itself on Virgin Media in the New Year.

Moments later his mouth uttered the slogan for iPlayer, ‘Making the un-missable un-missable’, said Huggers.

He then went on to draw a big fat line between iPlayer and the proposed BBC, ITV, Channel 4 joint online TV venture ‘Kangaroo’.

iPlayer is the Beeb’s way of giving license payers more for their money with a handy seven-day catch-up. Kangaroo is commercial and would generate heaps-o-cash for all concerned.

Remember this, folks. It’s the beginning of the end of the TV schedule.


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