Seagate's new hard drives upload photos to Facebook so you don't have to

Feeling particularly lazy? No problem, as this latest set of clever HDDs give you one less thing to worry about during your hectic schedule

Seagate has announced a new range of Backup Plus external hard drives which have the ability to automatically upload and download photos to and from Facebook and Flickr, thanks to some included software.

Although UK prices have yet to be revealed, you'll be looking at parting with US$120 (around £75) up to US$140 (£90) for the 1TB model, while the desktop drives will set you back from around US$130 (£85) and US$250 (£160) for the 4TB version.

Think of all the extra narcissistic mirror shot photos people can take with the time they'll save.

[via Gizmodo]

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