Sculpteo starts human cloning

Want a new body for 2011? How about a mini one? With your face on it?

The 3D printing boffs at Sculpteo have hit on a genius idea: personal clones. Simply submit a couple of pictures (front and profile) to the French company, punt £50 their way and you’ll get a 7-10cm self-clone in the post a few days later.

Once your personal mini-me has arrived, you can slob about playing FIFA ’11 while your clone goes to work, sorts out the weekly shop and fixes that dripping tap. Or not, because sadly your clone – while resembling you in every way – will be a lump of printed resin incapable of doing your work. Unless you work at Blockbuster. In France.

Baby steps, though. We’re going to order up a set of these now in the hope that by the time they work out actual mini cloning we’ll get a discount. Right, we’re off to practise evil laughter. And order a clone from