Scientists creates the super-battery

The biggest problem facing portable tech is the battery. Amazingly, while gadgets have been getting better and better every year, our humble battery h

Well, scientists at Stanford University in California claim they’ve hit on a way to make batteries last 10 times longer. They want to use silicone to build the lithium ion batteries instead of carbon.

"It's not a small improvement," one of the scientist boasted to the Nature Nanotechnology journal. "It's a revolutionary development."

The team behind the nano-based silicone problem-solver reckon it’s the biggest breakthrough in technology in recent years. It’s thought the first application could be in electric cars, but it would also come in handy around the home or office to store electricity, since we're all on a solar-power green kick just now.

It’s mostly theory at the moment, but the scientists are confident we’ll all be using the super batteries quite soon, since silicone is about as common as chips.

Heck, it if makes our laptops, iPods and mobiles last 10 times longer, we’ll buy the entire Stanford research team drinks.


Silicone Lithium Ion batteries

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