Say goodbye trackpad, HP machines will come with Leap Motion built in

HP announces a partnership with Leap Motion that will see its devices packing built-in gesture controls

Leap Motion announced today that it’s cosying up with HP to offer bundled Leap Motion gesture controllers with its computers – and the plan is to have the gesture controller built into HP machines soon. Check out our video of it in action here.

Remember those IBM laptops with the mouse controller in the middle of the keyboard? That’s the way you’ll remember the trackpad on a laptop in the near future. Why drag your greasy paw about a pad when you can flit about in the air to move the cursor, manipulate 3D objects and scroll through pages? Exactly.

With a Leap Motion priced at an affordable US$80 (£50) you can have one soon by pre-ordering. Or would you prefer yours built in? We can’t wait longer than its May 13th release date.

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