Save your fragile bones with this stair-proof skateboard

Urban adrenaline junkies need fear pesky stairs no longer. Go forth and risk your limbs in a (slightly) safer manner

Why rupture your precious internal organs attempting to clear concrete stairs on a skateboard, when you can glide down them in style instead?

That's the question graduate Po-Chih Lai at London's Royal College of Art asked himself, resulting in the creation of the Stair Rover – a skateboard that eats stairs for breakfast without leaving you in a pool of your own blood.

Featuring pivoting trucks with two wheels on each side, the Stair Rover is able to glide down stairs with reassuring stability – at least according to the video below, which sadly has more arty shots than actual skating action.

The Stair Rover is currently a one-off model, though we'll be crossing our fingers for a commuter-friendly version in the near future – we're tired of walking.

[via Dvice]

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