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Save more than £150 on a Dyson vacuum with this dust-busting Black Friday deal

This discount sucks

Looking to clean up this Black Friday? Dyson’s V11 Absolute vacuum can’t suck up the best deals before anyone else, but it can clean for up to 60 minutes and intelligently adapt to different carpet depths. And ahead of Black Friday, Dyson’s swept a slice off the price – with several retailers going even further.

Equipped with an LED display which shows the current power mode and battery level, the V11 Absolute is a seriously smart sucker. It can sense the texture beneath its sweeper and adjust suction accordingly, to ensure an efficient, effective clean on almost any surface.

When we tested the V11 Absolute back in 2019, we were bowled over by its brilliance. With a revamped motor and more powerful head than the V10 before it, the V11 Absolute cleaned house, bagging five stars out of five. The only thing we could really criticise? Its high price tag.

Luckily, Dyson’s decided to polish up a shiny deal ahead of this year’s Black Friday weekend: instead of the usual ticket cost of £600, Dyson is currently shipping the V11 Absolute for £500 with free next-day delivery. That’s a neat and tidy saving of £100 when you order direct.

Not a big enough discount? A number of major electronics suppliers have dropped their prices for the V11 Absolute even lower. John Lewis, for example, currently has it on sale at just £440 – a saving of almost £160 over the original price. Be sure to sweep up the deals while you can.

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