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Save 20% on Shokz bone conduction earphones with this top deal

Runners and fitness fanatics should sprint to snap up a pair

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There are healthy 10-20% discounts on Shokz bone conduction earphones available on Amazon this Prime Day – as long as you remember to apply a voucher on the product page before checkout.

The clever wireless earphones send sounds directly to your inner ear, leaving your ear canals unblocked so you can always hear the outside world. For runners, cyclists and other fitness freaks, that’s a potentially lifesaving feature.

You can pick up the best-selling Shokz OpenRun right now for £104 – a 20% discount over the regular £130 asking price. The functionally identical but ever-so-slightly smaller OpenRun Mini sees a matching reduction, down to £104 for the duration of the discount period. Tick the “apply 20% voucher” checkbox on the product listing before adding to your basket to get the discount.

Both versions are IP67 water resistant, so won’t complain if you get caught in the rain or take ’em for a particularly sweaty workout. They are good for around eight hours of battery life each, and should manage an hour and a half of playback from just ten minutes on charge.

Shokz OpenRun Pro – now £144

Shokz has knocked down prices across its line-up, with the premium OpenRun Pro seeing a 10% reduction. This newer model gets the firm’s 9th-generation bone conduction tech, which promises better bass and superior overall sound quality.

Battery life has also taken a step up to 10 hours between recharges. With the right power brick you’re looking at an hour and a half of listening time from just five minutes hooked up to the mains. They’re 20% smaller than previous Shokz models, and are IP55 dust and moisture resistant – so won’t break a sweat even if you do.

Typically pairs retail for £160 but right now there’s a 10% discount – bringing the price down to £144 for the duration of the Prime Day sales. Tick the “apply 10% voucher” checkbox on the product listing before adding to your basket to get the discount.

Shokz OpenSwim – now £112

If you’re all about the swimming pool rather than the gym or outdoor exercise, Shokz has you covered with the OpenSwim. These fully waterproof earphones use the same bone conducting tech, but are IP68 waterproof for submersion down to 2m. They’ve got 4GB of built-in storage for songs, so you can leave your phone in your locker (these are a solo effort, with no built-in Bluetooth – they’ll only play files saved directly onto its internal memory). Expect eight hours of playback per charge – or longer than any sane person is going to spend swimming lengths.

The Shokz OpenSwim typically costs £140, but for Prime Day you can buy a pair for £112 – a 20% discount.

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