Samsung's Armani army grows to three

Twice Samsung's come knocking on our door with an Armani phone and twice we've turned them away with a turned up nose of fashion contempt. The origina

Now, though, we have this third offering, the Samsung Giorgio Armani W8200 - an altogether different beast. As predicted back in July it's a Windows Mobile smartphone, packing the latest week-old 6.5 release, overlaid with Samsung's TouchWiz skin pinched from the delectable Omnia II.

A vibrant 3.5in AMOLED, 8GB storage, MicroSD slot, GPS and Nokia-N97-esque tilt'n'slide QWERTY keyboard complete the hardware picture but we think the target market may be more interested in what's going on on the outside.

There you'll find the Giorgio Armani badge encircled by polished bronze (not gold, you understand) detailing, which, Armani assures us "coordinates perfectly with Giorgio Armani suits". Well they would say that.

Tellingly, Giorgio Armani himself made an appearance at the launch, which suggests he's not too ashamed of this one. A mere €700 (around £647) will make it yours, SIM-free. Perhaps wait for it to appear on contract with that free suit, eh?