Samsung ZX310 out-skinnies the competition

Sammy's new laptop has a nice chip. Just the one, mind...

We’ve run out of adjectives for describing thin laptops. They’ve all been exhausted talking about MacBook Airs and Dell Adamo XPSs.

But Samsung’s ZX310 (called the 9 Series Stateside) Windows laptop – freshly ironed and hung up in the CES wardrobe – is making a bid for king of thin. And although it maxes out at the same width as the MBA, it does manage to shave a couple of grams off the weight.

If that seems like a petty sparring point (let’s face it, you wouldn’t feel the difference in your bag) then consider this: the ZX310 laptop has Ethernet, HDMI, USB sockets and a headphone jack. Oh, and it’s rocking Intel’s screechingly fast Sandy Bridge architected i5 processor, announced (and demoed) earlier today.

There’s also a 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM, backlit keyboard and 400 nits of LED-backlit screen power.

But the real reason we want one? Look at it... that brushed duralumin chassis is begging to have our fingers running all over it. So far there’s no word on a release date, but US pricing is looking likely to be in the region of US$1,600.