Samsung unveils 15MP NV100HD

Hot on the heels of the NV24HD, one of Samsung's, nay the planet’s best compact snappers, the Korean giant has just pulled the ceremonial cord o

It comes with a massive 14.7MP, surely more than necessary for a camera of this size. But hey, we don’t see any other compact snapper to match.

Aside from all those megapixels, it really is a fully–featured beast, replete with 28mm wide angle lens 720p video recording at 30fps, as well as HDMI for sticking your handiwork straight onto your LCD.

Talking of LCDs, you get a 3in round the back to check out your pics as you take them. Plus there’s ISO 3200 for when you find yourself in dank, shady nightclubs of a weekend. Or is that just us? Either way, it’ll take great snaps in the dark too.

Obviously, you get face detection thrown in as well as blink and smile detection and a “beauty shot” mode that will do all that retouching for you.

It’s due to drop in August at the not unreasonable price of £229. Will it make it into our compacts Top Ten? Stay tuned to to find out.


Samsung NV100HD

Price: £229

On sale: August

Contact: Samsung