Samsung to unveil 5.3in Q Tab phone

Is Samsung about to unveil a 5.3-inch smartphone-tablet hybrid device?

Following in the footsteps of the Dell Streak, Samsung is rumoured to be unveiling a 5.3in smartphone-tablet hybrid device at this year's IFA trade show in early September. According to Yahoo Korea, the Samsung Q "Tabphone" will offer 3G support, though it's not clear whether voice calls are on the cards. It's all a bit Trigger Happy TV, especially with rumours of the new device being an inch thicker than Sammy's flagship Galaxy S II.

Information on Samsung's Q is sparse – we don't even have a obscure camera image to squint at – though we are tempted by mention of a Super AMOLED Plus screen. Come September, we'll be in Berlin for IFA to announce or dispel this curious rumour.


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