Samsung touts new tech in WB100 and WB550 snappers

While their PMP–packing PL10 might be ideal for 'the kids', Samsung isn't forgetting those of us who take our photos just a tad more seriously.

The WB100 rocks a 3in AMOLED screen round the back, making it the first compact cam to do so. That means you get crisper views and better contrast, so you can tell on the spot whether your handiwork is of the Annie Leibovitz variety.

Inside you'll find 12MP, full manual controls, the same 'smart album' tech as the PL10 for finding pics easily and a frame guide so folks taking pics for you on holiday know what you want before you hand them the camera.

There's also HD movie capture, something that's becoming increasingly commonplace in compact cameras in 2009. On top of that you're looking at 5x optical zoom and 24mm ultra wide angle lens.

The WB550 packs similar goods, barring that sexy screen and manual mode. Instead you get a massive 10x optical zoom, which Sammy is also claiming as a world's first.

Both are due in April, with the WB100 clocking in at £329, with the WB550 at £299.


Samsung WB100 and WB550

Price: £329 and 299

On sale: April

Contact: Samsung Camera