Samsung Solid Extreme – new double hard mobile incoming

Rugged phones are among our most–loved gadgets here at Stuff Towers. We've taken great pleasure in giving the likes of the JCB Toughphone and th

Dubbed the Samsung Solid Exteme, it apparently takes this whole rugged mobile business to the next level. As with its predecessor, it's dust and water proof, and will survive drops of up to two metres. They even reckon you can drop it in a metre deep puddle and it'll still keep chugging away.

Unlike other tough blowers, this bad boy comes with features you'd expect from proper phones. There's Bluetooth 2.1, a 1.3MP camera, SD support, video playback via MPEG4 and H.263, along with MP3, AAC and WMA support. Plus you'll find an FM radio and even noise cancellation.

There's no word on price, but expect it to come free on contract when it hits Vodafone and O2 later this month.