Samsung smart TVs to get “console-like” games

Samsung Cloud Gaming, in conjunction with Gaikai, will work in a similar way to OnLive and offer “triple-A” content

Samsung is bringing its own take on cloud-based gaming to its range of Internet-connected smart TVs.

Appropriately named “Samsung Cloud Gaming”, the service will stream games over your broadband connection, in much the same way as OnLive. You’ll launch games direct from the Samsung Smart Hub, which is available on all the company’s current range of smart TVs from the 7000 series onwards.

The company has signed a deal with cloud games firm – and OnLive competitor – Gaikai to provide the experience, which is says will be “console-like” and feature a wide selection of triple-A titles aimed at all ages. Gaikai currently offers the likes of Alan Wake, The Sims Medieval and Dragon Age II.

Samsung Cloud Gaming will launch in beta form in the US soon.

[Via Eurogamer]

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