Samsung slips out 8MP M8800 camphone

We thought 8MP camphone launches were supposed to be big swanky affairs, but it seems Samsung just isn’t getting with the programme. They’

GSM Arena has got the full skinny, with official pics still not surfacing. The phone totes a full 3.2in touchscreen and comes with Samsung’s own OS rather than the Symbian S60 you’ll find on last month’s i8510. On top of that you get HSDPA, accelerometer, built–in GPS and DivX support for playing your vids back.

The camera sounds a bit special too, with ISO 1600, smile and blink detection and shake reduction tech. Basically everything you want from a compact snapper, but with a phone slapped inside for good measure too.

There’s no news on when the M8800 will land here in the UK, but expect it to be some time before Christmas, most likely free on contract. Check out more on the 8MP i8510 in our in–depth review and hands–on video.


Samsung M8800

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Samsung Mobile